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AI bots in VR you can
mate for real
NFT now available
Artificial persons with simulated lifes, feelings and emotions in a procedurally generated metaverse.
Blockchain based
mate ownership NFT and economy.
Real VR sex for free with xxxr.io
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Holomate screenshot
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Artificial persons
AI bots with simulated lifes in VR
Holomate are 250'000 AI bots that act like real persons you can talk to, remember what you said or did and even let you have a relationship with.
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Mate Ownership
Lootable NFT "MATE"
Ethereum ERC721 NFT for blockchain ownership of Holomate with daily lootable income for owner and dApp to support gas-free off-chain ownership.
MATE NFT Details
Open mate market
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Blockchain Economy
Maco Coin and L2 DEX
In-world economy with Ethereum ERC20 crypto token "Maco" (Mate Coin) and DEX dApp for gas-free transactions.
More about Maco Coin
Virtual Reality
Online persistent world
Procedurally generated, online persistent simulation, accessed by virtual reality and AR.
Real Cybersex
Yes, it's finally here
Virtual reality sex using 3D prints and sex toys, powered by tech from xxxr.io.
Based on tech
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Visit their world and
let’em be part of yours.
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