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Each Holomate exists only once, has a unique look, personality and life. No further mates can be created. For every Holomate exists one MATE NFT. Who owns the NFT, owns the Holomate.

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The Holomate world is a VR app that give users access to a metaverse where they primarly interact with it's simulated habitants, the Holomates. The content is strongly sexually related and one major goal of the whole project is to support the abilty to have "real sex" with simulated virtual persons. Read more..
The Holomates are 250'000 unique artificiail beings, with special properties like a personal name, an individual life, body part properties, personality, sexual preferences, job and work place, a home where they live.
Every Holomate have it's represenation as NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. This NFT's name is MATE. The owner of the MATE is the owner of the mate.
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NFT Presale
Presale left:
? mates
The NFT is launched with a presale of exactly 8'888 Holomates, all for the same presale price.
During the presale, the Holomate stars-rating is not yet active.
So buyers will not know in advance what their Holomate's rating will be. But since the algorithm’s ratings input parameters are listed below and heavily relies on what other owners and the market feels like, there is a good chance that you can snatch very high value Holomates for a low price in the presale by just guessing the rating right.
After the presale the “regular sale” is launched of all other Holomates, with fixed prices according to their stars-rating (see below).
Buyers can pick their favorite mate from the Mate Market, or if they are feeling lucky, just mint a random mate for a discounted price or mint a pack of 5 to get even more discount.
See your minting options in detail.
Mint a Holomate now
NFT Milestones and Perks
Milestone 1 in:
0 mates
The project has several milestones regarding the number of Mates sold, where the community receive perks as a thank you.
Important: The VR metaverse will be developed and released in any case, independently of NFT milestones to be reached. (See project details)
* Milestones and perks during regular sales phase may be adjusted during the presale, to have ideal conditions for project success.

Presale phase

4'444 mates sold
Unlock mate looting
Milestone 1
The owners will be able to start looting the pockets ot their mates! (Settle the looted Maco to the blockchain will be available after the presale phase, on Milestone 2).

+4'444 mates
Unlock ratings system and off-chain system
Milestone 2
End of presale, the ratings for all mates gets revealed and all unsold mates are available for a fixed prices per rating category as listed below.
With this milestone enough data got collected to calculate the first ratings and final price of the 5-star mates.
Additionally the gas-free off-chain system will be available to settle the looted Maco to blockchain or to purchase new mates with it.
With this milestone enough funds got collected to provide enough liquidity to the UniSwap pool that covers the bootstrap pre-mint of the Maco Coin to the target value of $0.001/Maco.

Regular sales phase

+8'888 mates
See mates naked
Milestone 3
Owner can see a hidden photo of their mates without any clothes on.

Mate chat AI online
Milestone 4
The mate AI is polished and released to the public, so everybody can chat with all Holomate on their profile page.

WebGL 3d world explorer
Milestone 5
The Holomate consits of a vast city with many places to discover - with this milestone presented nicely online and with a WebGL 3D interface.

Design your avatar
Milestone 6
As a preparation to the VR release mate owners can start desiging their avatar's bodies with a web interface.

Mate preview app
Milestone 7
An app is released that renders all mates in 3D and let the owner carry out some limited actions.

WebGL mate preview
Milestone 8
The app from milestone 7 will be implemented in WebGL, so the Holomate can be present in 3D on the website.
Catch your favorite mate, before someone else does.
Open Holomate market
Regular sale prices per rating category
After the presale, all Holomate can also be purchased from the mate market for an average price of 0.04 and per stars-rating for the following prices:
1 Star
2 Stars
3 Stars
4 Stars
5 Stars
Purchased Holomate NFT can be sold in the after market to whatever price, without any creator fees or taxes attached.
Rating distribution
The prices are structured roughly proportional to the rarity of this Holomate stars-rating, means a 5-star mate has 100 times more value, than a 1-star mate.
(* all regular sale prices may be adjusted during the presale phase to have ideal conditions for project success)
Random mate minting
Feeling lucky? Pay a fixed price and get any Holomate MATE NFT, chosen for you by a random algorithm. The selected Holomate can be of any of the 1-5 star-ratings.
1 Holomate for 0.03
5 Holomates for 0.125
(= up to 25% discount from the average regular mate prices)
Mint a mate now
Mate rating system
All mates have an automatic generated rating from 1-5 stars:
Value Rating
5 stars(5.00)
Score percentages
Dynamic mate rating score
The score is based on three weighted factors:
Rarity of mate properties
Similarity to sold mates
Similarity to popular ingame mates
The two dynamic factors adapt as new trade data and in-world statistics are available. Ratings updated hourly to the full hour based on newly collected data.
Rarity based Stars-ratings
The following distribution applied on the ordered set of all mates with respect to their dynamic mate rating score, the star rating of each mate can be calculated:
Base idea: 1 star is 100x less rare than 5 stars.
1 Star
2 Stars
3 Stars
4 Stars
5 Stars
This distribution would result in 1'261 mates rated with 5 stars.
Additionally the number of 5-stars mates from presale is added, so there are maximally 2'522)
The price for a 5-star mate is adjusted accordingly based on the number of 5-star mates sold in presale and the final count of 5-start mates in the system.
Base Prices Chart
Check out yourself how you'd rate them
Open Holomate market
Loot your mates
Mates can be looted by their owners, about once a day. The mates pay Maco, the currency which is used inside the Holomate to pay for products and goods.
Once every 24 hours, owners can harvest/loot the income of their mates. Each mate has a unique income factor. This factor is multiplied by the current payroll share of the Holomate Payroll fund, which results in the Maco Cash amount, the owner can take for this day. Read more about the payroll and the lootable current payout share here
If the owner forgets to loot their mates, they will spend the money for themselves and does not stack up until the next time they get looted.
The loot action is executed off-chain and the payment is done in Maco Cash. That's why all this can be done with zero ETH gas fees. Once the owner has collected enough Maco Cash, it can directly be spent to purchase more Mates or paid out into the Blockchain to Maco Coin or Ethereum.
Start looting mates today and earn Maco.
Open Holomate market
Exclusive in-world premiums for mate owners

Owned mates accept "sudo" commands

Using a simple "sudo", before the command and the mate needs to do whatever follows from the owner.
Known from Unix operating systems the command for a super user to make the system do something the normal user wouldn't have rights to, you have full "sudo" control over owned mates.

Mates generally like their owners

Mates can be in a relationship with a user, but only if the mate decides to.
Users can be in relationship with mates they own.
If a users likes a mate and wants to be in a relationship with, the user needs to "free" the mate from the current owner by purchasing the owner rights of a specific individual.

Mate Summon

Instant summon your mates in the scene at any time. Break whatever they were doing, and let them join your party in-world.

Mates keep their freedom

Mates follow their destiny and potentially interact with many users. That does not change for mates that are owned. Nor does ownership of a mate imply any interaction with the owned mates. The keep seeing users and living their life.
There are mates that are monogamous and
NFT metadata and artwork dynamics
During the release phase, mate properties of unsold mates are still adjusted to meet the wanted gameplay experience. This adjustments are all done before the end of the last mate release cycle, aka after 6 months from release start, as released or in pre-sale purchased mates have fixed properties and will not be touched anymore by automatic adjustments and fine tuning.
All NFT metadata comes directly from the off-chain game-engine and updated regularly, as the NFT represents mate, a living entity, with a life in a world, and some data may change over time as the mate lives along in-game and meet players etc.
All metadata can be fetched from the NFT as from any other ERC721 compatible NFT, despite the dynamic nature of this data, given by the context of a living entity and not just static data.
The artwork / renderings of the Holomate will be improved as the project progresses in its development. All renderings will be affected by updates. The data is stored on a off-chain CDN where it can be updated regularly, as the mate properties change or the rendering engine made imporvements.
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