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Fullscale megapolis in cyberspace, just to fuck around

  • Procedurally generated city layout and interior
  • 2'500 city blocks with over 25'000 locations
  • Online persistent world, single player experience.
  • Clubs, restaurants, hotels, apartments, univerities, hospitals, stores, etc. - Everything filled with people
  • Bots life in appartments, with unique furniture and layout
  • All in-world economy based on Maco - the Holomate Coin, an ERC20 Ethereum Token.
  • Users can do jobs in-world, and earn real money for it
Interactive 3D world map in browser: coming soon

Ultimate immersion with simulated lifes and AI

  • Exactly 250'000 bots exists
  • Bots generated randomly based on cliche heuristics, each one is unique, with name, body properties and life
  • Online persistent: Every bot exists just once and can be present with one user at the same time.
  • One user influences a bot's life for every player
  • Holomate can be owned, with an Ethereum NFT called "MATE"
  • Bot owners can loot their bots once per day to sack their money and can use special in-world powers.
All bots with photos, descriptions and chat:
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Virtual Reality Sex: Finally here!

  • Holomate can have real sex with real world users in VR.
  • The VR headset gets extended with a connector and a sex toy to mimicing the bots body part to simulate.
  • This sex toy, for example a FleshLight, is then tracked and the movement is projected to the Holomate in VR.
  • Simulation of various sexual scenarios possible, even gender swap, like to have a female avatar as a real world man.
  • Compatible with most current VR headsets.
  • No additional expensive hardware required.
  • Needed parts can be 3D printed and downloaded for free
  • Also pre-printed parts available in shop for low.
  • More detailed info and 3D prints on

    What would you do in a separate world?

    • Have a flat, Have a wife and make her pregnant.
    • Dress to impress
    • You can have a real huge dong
    • Yes, it's possible: Gender swap with approximated real sex
    • Invite bots to your home
    All bots with photos, descriptions and chat:
    Find a bot of your type

    Bot body system

    • Voice communication, meaningful response, legit voices.
    • Autonomous movement by destiny.
    • if they let you, Manipulate, fix joints.
    • Undress / Clothing layers
    • Feeling / Touch sensation
    • Penetration points
    • Tatoos
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    body system explained

    A chair in a room is what you need

    • Supports sitting and standing / walking.
    • Teleport required to align with real life chair setup.
    • Sit in a taxi, on a couch, on a bar chair, etc.
    • City connected via tunnels and taxi pods
    Start your life in a Holomate today:
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